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UO: Lord Blackthorn's Dev Diary

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Saturday - December 22, 2001 - 06:37 -
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Gamespy features the first dev diary for the upcoming Ultima Online expansion: "Lord Blackthorn's Revenge". In this dev diary, Designer Jonathan Hanna details the process of creating the expansion for Ultima Online. Here's a bit:

    All of the fiction in the world means nothing in an MMORPG if there isn't something the players can do to affect some part of the story. That's where the dynamic part of the fiction comes in. The stories have factor(s) that the players can actually change or create based on their actions in the game. For instance, in the first scenario, two warring races were fighting for control of a fort. In the final week of the scenario, using special items from previous weeks, the players could ally themselves with one of the races and help that side win the fort. In the end, whichever side the players supported more won control of the fort, making the end of that chapter in the story different.

    In another story, the players had to construct a device to help them destroy magical towers in order to save an enslaved city. If the players did not give the resources needed to construct the device or if they did not destroy the magical towers, the city could not be freed. Freeing the city then allowed players to learn new skills, allowing them to create over twenty new craftable items. Future content will have similar player-affected situations, growing in intensity and scale as we continue to add more content.
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