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Horizons Preview at IGN.PC

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Wednesday - November 27, 2002 - 02:43 -
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One of the more interesting MMORPGs to be released (although a lot of features have been dropped from the original design) is Horizons: Empires of Istaria. IGN.PC has posted a preview of the game, and here's a bit from that:
    The races of course range in size and strength ranging all the way up to the mighty dragon, that dwarfs the dwarves. Of course, the different races will have their catches. Such as Dragons taking a bit longer to increase in level and having to age. They'll also be big enough so that they'll need to be able to have another form that can be used to enter certain areas. As you might expect, while these mighty creatures have tail and claw attacks, they won't be able to wear armor or use weapons either. So those players that crave the variety of different garb will want to look elsewhere.

    Dragons will also have the unique function of aging. When players enter the world as a dragon, it will be as a whelp. Not too big and not too strong. Eventually, after enough time and enough experience, the option will be given (although it's too early for them to tell us exactly how) to "grow up" into an adult and finally into an ancient. This is an option though so those that want to stay juvenile can do so.

    However, juveniles can't fly whereas adults and ancients can. More than one being in Horizons will be able to fly, so if that's your only want, then you'll have other options. Take the dryad for instance; it'll have some limited flying abilities along with some of the other races. Anyway, it'll be pretty interesting to see how all of these races are tuned together. There are some tricky ones in there that are going to have to have some big checks to keep them sane. And who wouldn't want to be a werewolf? That's just cool!
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