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Nigel has rated the following games:

Baldur's Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal: 5/10 points

Hack, hack, hack, cast spell, heal... Level Up! Rinse and repeat 10,000 times. End Game. Yawn.

Dark Age of Camelot: 1/10 points

Hack and slash. Mana dump and run. Level-based advancement. Near impossible solo play. PvM required for merchants (unless you're a twink and are given materials and money). Fanatasic visually and amazingly good gameplay even at 56k dial-up. All this adds up to a very fancy monster basher with a "dangling golden apple" of realm vs. realm warfare (which you'll find is grotesquely unbalanced; i.e. Midguard may outnumber Hibernia 4 to 1 on some shards). Ugh & icky.

Elder Scrolls 2 - Daggerfall: 9/10 points

I await a game as good as Daggerfall. Though horribly buggy, I managed to play Daggerfall for a year and a half before moving on. I never finished the main plot because after having created ~20 characters (who all followed totally different paths), I could never remember who was to do what next. I simply played as I wished, was occasionally rewarded / reprimanded, and had an absolute blast doing it. Non-linear, I wish they were all like this. Gah, there were parts of the world I never even saw!

Fallout - A Post Nuclear Adventure: 4/10 points

Though I played it endlessly, I never got any satisfaction from Fallout. I found it frustrating and dull. I am likely biased as I tend to dislike non-fantasy RPGs however.

System Shock 2: 10/10 points

Though not your typical RPG (more like a skill-based FPS), System Shock 2 scared the poop out of me when I first started playing. And, it still gives me the willies. Replay value is immense as, each time from the beginning, you can choose a completely different career and progression of skills, albiet through the same game and sequence of events, but for a new "feel" and challenge. Highly recommend, but put the kiddies to bed first or you'll spend more time dealing with their nightmares than playing. (Note: "Event Horizon", a Lawrence Fishburn movie, is along the same lines of creepiness and setting. If you dig the movie, play SS2.)

Thief - The Dark Project: 4/10 points

Ugh, not an RPG. So constictingly linear, I failed missions intentionally just to rebel! Novel concept, definately. But not my cup of tea (coming from a dedicated Thief Class role-player).

Ultima Online - Lord Blackthorn's Revenge: 10/10 points

As much as I hate to give it a 10, I played it for ~3 years. I loved and hated it, every day. NO LEVELING! Skills actually increase when you use them. NO CLASSES! Be anything you like, nothing will stop you from being the uber mage or the self-skill-gimped character. Addictive, challenging, evolving,... but a few words to describe my estimation of the ultimate MMORPG. And, the 2-D graphics grow on you.
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