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Heart of Eternity: Interview @ GenGamers

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Tuesday - March 16, 2004 - 01:15 -
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Mario from GenGamers let us know they've posted an interview with Vlad Artyukhov from UDC about their newly-revealed RPG, 'Heart of Eternity':
Letīs talk about the gameplay, please! Is Heart Of Eternity a typical RPG or will you implent interesting gameplay variations?

To begin with, itís not a simple RPG. In RPG success of a game-player in a battle depends on a proper using of his skills and abilities. In our game the battle skills depend on the player himself. I.e., the game is rather action\RPG, as in all other respects itís RPG game. The RPG system is entirely ours. With both 5 basic and many other additional parameters, connected with each other. The system of magic involves dependence between paternosters. This will enable you to combine paternosters with each other. The wishes of those who donít like long battles are also considered. You may possess thieves` ability.

Some task salvations may very as you can play either as woman or as man.
The characterís development is entirely in playerís hands. The system of possibility rising depends on levels. There are three main directions Ė the thief, the warrior and the magician. They can be combined and developed any way you like.
It's good to see some details on this RPG. Interesting points include horses and other modes of travel so it's worth a read and persevering with the broken English.
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