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RPGDot 2003 Awards: Most Anticipated RPG
The RPGDot Team, 2004-01-14


The last couple of weeks you could vote for the best RPGs and MMORPGs that have been released in 2003. Not us but you the player decide who receives the RPGDot 2003 Awards in the various categories. We thank all those who entered their votes and helped us in making it possible to select the best games of 2003.

Most Anticipated RPG

In 2004 several RPGs will be released. Which of these games are you looking forward to most?

The winner: Arx Fatalis 2
When Arx Fatalis was released in 2002/2003, it was a dream coming true for fans of Ultima Underworld. Where Origin never bothered to deliver a sequel, Arkane Studios did. The game played in an underground world, had a good story line, great levels, a good look and sound and everything else needed by a classic!

The game was constantly improved with patches, so that the US PC version and the recently released Xbox version were very well polished. Arx was quite well received by fans, even though none of its publishers on each platform seemed much to cared about it.

The few flaws of Arx Fatalis should now be fixed in Arx Fatalis 2, which plays before the original Arx Fatalis and also offers un upper world. Now all to do is to wish Arkane Studios to get a good publisher and to hope the game makes it in 2004.


Runner Up: Vampires - Bloodlines
White Wolf's Vampire RPG system will be brought to a PC RPG for the second time now. After Nihilistic's Redemption in 2000, Troika is developing an Action-RPG for Activision scheduled for release later in 2004.

Unlike Redemption, which spans over several hundred years with 4 major locations, Bloodlines will take place in our modern days in Los Angeles only. Technically, it will make use of the Half Life 2 engine and first screenshots look just stunning.

With RPG veterans Troika, the Vampire license, the Half Life 2 engine and a strong publisher like Activision this is certainly a game to watch out for in 2004.


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Second Runner Up: Thief 3
2004 will also see a sequel in the Thief series. When Looking Glass and Warren Spector first introduced the sneaker concept in 1998, people were quite sceptical about its fun factor, but both Thief and Thief 2 were very well received and resulted in many tactical FP Shooters.

With Thief III, Ion Storm will also implement the latest Unreal engine, extremely well improved AI and a better storyline. And, thank god, the original Thief games weren't real RPGs, so Ion Storm can hardly cut down their features as they did with Deus Ex - Invisible War. Look out for the best Thief ever!


The Numbers
To make it complete we now give you the top 10 as voted by our visitors:
1 Arx Fatalis 2
13,9 %
2 Vampires - Bloodlines
13,8 %
3 Thief 3
12,6 %
4 Fable
9,3 %
5 Dungeon Siege 2
5,6 %
6 Bard's Tale (by InXile)
5,3 %
7 The Fall - Last Days Of Gaia
4,0 %
8 Wasteland (by InXile)
3,6 %
9 Spellforce
2,5 %
10 Sacred
2,3 %

And 10,8 % of those who participated were unable to select one of the games.

We, the RPGDot team also voted to create our own top 5:

1 Arx Fatalis 2
22,5 %
2 Beyond Divinity
21,4 %
3 Thief 3
19,4 %
4 Spellforce
10,2 %
5 The Fall
9,2 %

We love to see Arx Fatalis 2 as much as you do, but we love to see Beyond Divinity a lot as well.

Note that percentages are rounded to the nearest number.

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