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Name: WarPeace.mp3
Date: Oct 24, 2001
Size: 2 Mbytes
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War & Peace
This piece of music appears in the game, in the town Verdistis. The song very clearly represents the tension that exists in the city between the few forces ruling it and the rest of the citizens who are poor and have no power to defend themselves. The citizens are not happy with their conditions and therefore the music is very tense and sad and the same time, its rhythm clearly represents the busy life. (2.8Mb, 2:57 minutes)

Name: fightdrums3.mp3
Date: May 03, 2001
Size: 2 Mbytes
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Fightdrums 3
This piece was created as a prototype for the interactive music system we intended to use in Divine Divinity. It demonstrated how things could sound by combining a series of different tracks/patterns depending on the situation. This particular piece was an example of developing combat situation. Sadly we never found the time to implement the system.

Name: zamok8mc.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 3 Mbytes
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Zamoc 8mc
We are still wondering why itís called Zamok 8mc....

Name: taverne.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 2 Mbytes
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This cheerful song was created when the entire office (well actually the programmers) went crazy on Riverdance. Itís Irish.

Name: location2.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 2 Mbytes
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Location 2
This piece is also known as Zandalorís run and supported a never published story set in the world of Divinity.

Name: rivertown.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 3 Mbytes
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Originally Rivertown was a very dense network of streets and houses until we decided to stretch everything so that it would be easier to recognized places. This particular piece was what you heard when you entered Rivertown for the first time.

Name: MemOfLMK.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 2 Mbytes
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This song was written in memory of the cancelled role playing game LMK.

Name: Loc1AllinOne.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 3 Mbytes
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All in One
IWhen Kirill got creative, he got very creative. This very nice piece was one of many where the central question was:ĒVery good but where exactly are we going to use this?Ē.

Name: epiz2ALL.mp3
Date: Mar 05, 2001
Size: 2 Mbytes
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Epiz 2 All
This particular piece is more of a sketch. It was intended for celebrating a human victory over the orcs but that never got implemented.

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