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The Omega Project Game Info
Description: The Omega Project [TOP] is a CRPG set in the extreme distant future of earth in development under DarkEdge Studios. Even though many CRPG’s are looked down upon by the usual P-n-P role players out there, due to most CRPG games having the main focus set on beefing up the main character and ultimately losing the whole point of ROLEPLAYING, TOP will be adding much more role playing aspects to hopefully please both sides. The game will be viewed in the good old fashioned isometric viewpoint like that of Fallout, hopefully bringing a revolution in the RPG genre and ultimately bringing back games that have more depth to them then the ones mostly found in this day and age. Utilizing an in-house built engine from the very talented Chrome Can we will bring a stunningly detailed world to life for the players to explore and progress through in a bid to unravel the secrets of a world of corruption, inequality, sin and greed.
Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.omega-project-rpg.com/
Developer: Dark Edge Studios
On the Net:
- The Omega Project Officially Announced (12.28.05)
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