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D&D Online: Preview @ GamersInfo

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Thursday - March 02, 2006 - 07:19 -
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Somewhat late and rather short, GamersInfo has a preview of D&DO:
There are some persistent flaws with the D&D Online system that the pen and paper fans will notice. The trouble all stems from the fact that Pen and Paper D&D is a turn based hex strategy game and D&D Online is a real time 3D action game. Because of this transition some of the nuances are lost. Certain areas of the game become insane click-fests, such as trying to defend a keep from 200 invading kobolds, which was a fun mission but seriously painful to your wrist. In the kobold invasion it seemed tactics went out the window beyond ďtry not to die and kill as many as possible.Ē The other potential problem, which seems unlikely to be fixed, is there are no or very few missions in the game that arenít, in the end, hack fests. Some missions require stealth to complete, in some having a high wisdom or intelligence party member made the quest much easier, but in the end every one of them seemed to come down to killing a boss character. I understand the reason for this, but for anyone who is thinking that D&D Online is a replica of a good Pen and Paper D&D DM, it isnít. It is a replica of a NORMAL D&D DM, who leaves every mission to be solved by violence.
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