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D&D Online: Holy Trinity Challenged @ TenTonHammer

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Thursday - December 29, 2005 - 19:34 -
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A Dungeons & Dragons Online article at TenTonHammer explains how DDO might make the 'holy trinity' MMOG grouping model obsolete. (The trinity being Tank, Enchanter, Healer.)
Dungeons and Dragons Online will shatter many preconceptions about group needs, none more holy than the trinity. Whilst I fully expect to hear cries of ďHealer needed for Quest XĒ I donít expect it to be fundamentally necessary for any quest. Why?

An understanding of the Pen and Paper game and its followers should give us the answer. As an avid player in a number of campaigns I can tell you that with the right mindset you can get away with not having a healer, or a crowd controller, or even a tank. (Although not having a tank is pushing it a bit far.) D&Dís class system alone can change the thinking of a player. Having a cleric Ė the traditional holy trinity healer Ė stand toe to toe with a giant, wielding a flaming great sword and wearing full plate armor isnít a sight you see in many MMOGís. Yet in D&D itís possible, in fact not only is it possible, but with the right set of spells running the cleric can out tank the tank quite easily.
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