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Gumshoe Online Game Info
Description: Game Overview
Gumshoe Online: Web of Mystery, is a private detective game set in the
crime ridden streets of 1930’s America. Gumshoe Online gives players
the chance to emulate their favorite fictional detectives and crack the
big case. Players need to uncover clues, interrogate characters and
solve mind bending puzzles; before building a watertight case that convicts
the guilty suspects.

We wanted to make deduction a key part of Gumshoe Online’s gameplay;
give the player a real sense of satisfaction when they unravel a mystery.
In Gumshoe Online, understanding the evidence is just as important as
uncovering it.

Unlike other point-and-click adventure games, Gumshoe Online is played
over the Internet using a traditional web browser. This unusual
delivery method makes Gumshoe Online perhaps the most accessible adventure
game currently available. There are no plug-ins to install or software to
download, players simply connect to the website and log-in. Gumshoe
Online is currently compatible with 90% of all Internet browsers.
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Release date: Available since 09/11/2005
Homepage: http://gumshoe-online.com/
Publisher: N/A
Developer: Gumshoe Online
Screenshots: Gumshoe Online Gallery
On the Net:
- Gumshoe Online: Something In The Water - Review @ GameBoomers (02.08.06)
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