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Syberia 2 Review
Jen \'Serena\' LaRocca, 2004-06-14

Syberia 2 continues the story of Kate Walker and Hans Voralberg. Kate has given up her family, her life, and her job to help Hans with his childhood dream, to find Syberia, home for the mammoths.

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 In this game, you once again assume the persona of Kate Walker who has decided help Hans Volberg, the eccentric automatons maker, and Oscar, one of Hans's creations, to find their way to Syberia.

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 The story takes place over many areas, from the desolate town of Romansbourg, to the hidden Youkol Village, and finally arriving in the place that has been veiled in mystery and legend, Syberia. The worlds themselves are breath-taking, each one better than the last one. I found myself stopping to admire the detail and texture in each new area.

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The voices were well done, even if the words and the lip movements didn't match. The music helped to draw you into the story. It worked well within each scene and wasn't overpowering.

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This is a classic point and click adventure game, where you must solve quests to continue to new areas. Some of these quests are given to you by Hans and Oscar, but the bulk of are given by characters throughout the game. The only problem that I have with this aspect of the game, is that some of these inventory items require you to find the exact spot to click on, which can become very frustrating.

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In all, I really enjoyed this game. Each area is richly textured and very beautiful to look at. The story is compelling, drawing the player in, so that you want to find Syberia as much as Hans. If you have played the first Syberia, then I am sure you are looking forward to seeing out how the story ends. But, even if you haven't played the prequel, but you enjoy point and click, puzzle solving, adventure games, I'd recommend this game. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

The Verdict
Graphics (15%) 95%
Sound (15%) 95%
Control (25%) 90%
Fun (45%) 95%
Overall 94%

The ups and downs:
Interesting storyended to quickly/left...
Amazing graphicsto many loose ends
Classical point and click

Reviewer's System
Version: Engl. ret
CPU: Pentium 3 1GHz
Graphics ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 64MB
Sound SB Live! X-gamer
OS: Windows ME DirectX 9.0b

Average Reader Ratings: 9 (1 votes)
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