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Gods: Lands of Infinity Game Info
Description: GODS: Lands of Infinity is a ground-breaking role-playing game set in fantasy background. This game is going to be our second title developed for PC platform and we are going to use all we have learned in the last three years. Our goal is to create a perfect blend of trade strategy and casual adventuring taking place in a complex imaginary yet trustworthy world.

We estimate that GODS: Lands of Infinity is will come out in late 2003 and we are currently working on complete presentation of the project scheduled for january 2003.This presentation will include design document and playable demo of the game available upon request to all potential investors or distributors. If you are interested feel free to contact us at:

If you would like to see actual ingame snapshots click here.

Main features of the game:

Freedom and non linear game plot
Trade, side quests, freelanced adventure, non-linear game scheme
Choice of preferred behavior; be a hero or evil villain and bear the consequences
Guild hierarchy and skill based training of your characters
Take on a variety of NPC to your party each with distinguishing personality and specific objective
Enrol in guilds of numerous crafts
Explore and enjoy distinctive and multifaceted fantasy world
Cut across vast and vivid countryside
Visit many remarkable places
Try out original gaming system
Get your own buildings, windmills, manor houses, estates
Buy a variety of useful items
Enjoy smart and witty magic system
Get personal weapons and amour
3D Engine Features:
large and detailed scenes
enhanced level of detail (LOD)
detailed characters with facial animation
high-resolution photo realistic textures
high quality mapping
texture compression
Highly optimized 3d pipeline
MIP mapping
collision detection
dynamic scene culling
support for T&L
per vertex color
dynamic lights
daylight circle and weather changes
realistic water
natural sky
animated environment (grass, trees, water)
enhanced fog
lens flares
mirrors, reflecting and transparent materials
advanced particle system
particle emitters (smoke, fire, fountains, waterfalls...)
highly advanced bones system
sophisticated scripting system
full support of Vertex Shaders
Future features:
Pixel Shaders
Bump Mapping
real-time calculated shadows
deformable world
special effects for render filters
Release date: Q2 2006
Homepage: http://www.cypron-studios.com/gli.html
Developer: Cypron Studios
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