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Redmoon Online Game Info
Description: Remoon is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) with an anime style. It mixes martial arts, weapons from swords and bows to guns and grenades, with psychic skills, in a game world that spans both planets and cultures.
Through a mix of technology, magic and martial arts, there is a variety of action and combat. Players can form groups and even armies that take enrich game play. This enables experienced players to help those less able, and in return gain allegiance and future adventuring partners with potential complimentary skills.

Redmoon is based on a 18-volume Korean comic book series, that centers around the conflict between the protagonist of the story, Aguilas, and those who would stand against him. The original story has the major characters: Azlar, Philar, Destino, Sadad, Jarexx, Canon, Lunarena, Kitara, and Lavita pitted against Aguilas and follows their exploits on both Earth and Signus…

The first part of this story can be downloaded from the Redmoon Online site for free

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Release date: Cancelled
Homepage: http://www.redmoon-online.com
Publisher: JC Entertainment
Developer: JC Entertainment
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