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RPGDot Game Rating Machine

Astonia 3 has been rated 4 times so far, average score: 7.5/10 points


escobar has rated 8/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from escobar)

great gameplay, gfx could be better

Zap has rated 3/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Zap)

A game with weak but bearable graphics, and terrible mouse point and click movement that suffers badly from lag. The game itself overall isn't bad per se, it's just that there's really nothing to justify paying the same price for this game as any number of games out there that offer more options. I can't think of a single reason to pay $10 per month for Astonia 3.

Ryles has rated 9/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Ryles)

Astonia 3 is a MMORPG like no other. With it's advanced clan system and 3 different classes to choose from, playability is endless! You join the world as a regular guy, but soon find yourself conscribed into the army regularly doing missions for the govenor and imperial commander! You can further your skills and become an Arch mage or Arch Warrior, or you can wield the power of the warrior and the mage, having proven your strength to the gatekeeper! This game is definately recommended! Mayest thou pass the last gate.

Atrain has rated 10/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Atrain)

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