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The Silver Lining
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The lands of Hyperborea Game Info
Description: In the Lands of Hyperborea, you begin the Single-Player game as an escaped prisoner - a rogue, borne by a swift and magical river to another land, far away.
The Single-Player game will revolve around the main character's (and the player's) attempts to survive and learn about the lands they find themselves in. Unlike the normal Dungeon Siege scenarios, your character is not intended to simply run straight forward and beat everything to death. In fact, trying that will often get you killed. No, in the Single Player game, you begin life as a rogue, and your strength is stealth, guile, and cunning. Some things will look familiar, yet be different. Other things will look utterly unfamiliar - and, perhaps, be somewhat surprising. With planning and careful strategy, you will survive.
Average Reader Ratings: 9 (4 votes)
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Release date: Available since 2002
Homepage: http://wench_of_woe.tripod.com/
Publisher: Download from Siegenetwork
Developer: Jim 'Xaa' Ferris
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