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Lost Continents Escape Music

2002 02 27 - posted by Logan

We received 5 short pieces of "escape music" from Lost Continents by VR1 Entertainment. Travis McGeathy, Community Manager for the game, puts it this way:
Basically, they will be heard whenever a player escapes. At present, the plan it to have one of the five played randomly each time you escape. That way, you won't hear the same brain-crushingly monotonous thing every time you "die".

Lost Continents brings more than sixty years of serial thrillers and pulp adventure stories to life in this massively multiplayer online action adventure. Create your own hero. Interact with thousands of other players. Explore lost cities. Face down supernatural evil and weird science-and save the world! Enter the world of Lost Continents, where you e the hero. This massively multiplayer RPG is slated for a 2003 release from VR1 Entertainment. Lost Continents, the fourth massively multiplayer title VR1 has released, will be built on the proven networking technology of VR1 Conductor™, and features the now second-generation Tesla engine, first used on Nightcaster™, VR1s first-party Microsoft Xbox title.

You find all 5 tunes within the short (570kb) MP3. Just click the pic to get it

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