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The Fate Game Info
Description: A young warrior stands alone, unarmed and with only 1,000 gold pieces to his name...

So far, so familiar to fans of role-playing games (RPGs). However, while it may begin in traditional style, it's not long before 4AM Entertainment's debut release, The Fate, takes RPG fans to places which they've never before encountered.

The Fate begins with its hero, the young warrior Loni, setting out to search the island of LaTranada for his missing brother Ranon, who disappeared during the pair's search for the fabled (and priceless) 'Blade of Euclid'. Little does Loni know, but this seemingly quiet island is about to offer him his greatest challenge yet... but will it lead him to find his missing brother?

Before too long, Loni is invited to take up arms and help the island population of LaTranada in their fight against a mysterious and evil force. Loni is joined in this quest by the magical Reyna and the noble knight Blunt and together the threesome head off to find their destiny.

While The Fate may at first appear to follow the conventions of classic RPG gameplay to the letter, the game does, in fact, bring a host of innovations to the genre, including a unique 'group control' feature which employs state-of-the art artificial intelligence to allow the player to control the game's three major characters simultaneously. In addition, The Fate allows all of its player-controlled characters to use magic through the use of 'Sharronts', which increase their defensive abilities by allowing for long-distance combat.

One of The Fate's most outstanding features, however, is its innovative approach to multi-player action. Where most RPGs simply take their existing gameplay and introduce it to a multi-player setting, The Fate combines elements of its single-player structure with the best multi-player features from other game types (including real-time strategy and first-person shoot 'em up games) to create three new game styles: Adventure, Deathmatch and Team Play (all of which can be played on a Local Area Network or via the Internet).

Developed by Korea-based Tronwell Software and originally published in that territory by Wizard Soft (where it sold in excess of 110,000 copies). This outstanding RPG (for Windows computers) will be fully-translated for the UK market and published under license by 4AM Entertainment on August 7th 2003.

Key Features

Real-time single-player role-playing action three multi-player styles: Adventure, Deathmatch and Team Play.

Absorbing combination of puzzle and battle action in the single-player game.

State-of-the-art graphic effects, including passage of time and real-time lighting and effects.

'Upgradeable world' system sees enemies, monsters and challenges increase in difficulty to match player's increasing power.

Distinctive 'party' system which allows the player to control all three main characters simultaneously.
Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.4amgames.com/
Publisher: 4AM Games
Developer: Tronwell Software
Screenshots: The Fate Gallery
- The Fate Gallery (07.01.03)
On the Net:
- The Fate: First Look @ GameSpot (07.02.03)
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