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D&D Online: Preview @ 2404

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Friday - January 27, 2006 - 20:21 -
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2404 chimes in with its views on Turbine's forthcoming game Dungeons and Dragons Online.
Dungeons and Dragons is probably--along with the Lord of the Rings trilogy--the real 500 pound gorilla in the room of fantasy worlds. Their Greyhawk setting established fantasy role-playing and Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance, Planetscape and others have all added to the whole. It would seem there are very few properties that would be more suited to a massively multiplayer role-playing game than D&D. Sadly however, Dungeons and Dragons Online doesn't really live up to the legacy of D&D on the PC. If the game remains as it has been in the latest beta I can't recommend it. As is, this is a game that can't compete with the great D&D-based games of yore, nor can it really make a move on the reigning kings of online role-playing: WoW and Guild Wars. I know this is an unfinished game so I won't nitpick but at the same time its ship date is very near--so I know they won't have too many major design changes left if they are to make their dates.
Source: 2404
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