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Heart of Eternity Game Info
Description: "Heart of Eternity" - is a third-person action/RPG title, with a weighted balance
between action and role-playing elements. There's no "levels" in the game: the world
is indivisible, and does not require weighting before loading a specific area. The
fantasy-universe Sarcus is populated with people, bloodthirsty orks, hardworking and
greedy dwarfs, proud and haughty elves, treacherous half-goblins, refined and
powerful vampires:

The game is based on a unique RPG system, designed specially to fit the basic game
features. There are five primary (strength, dexterity, endurance, intelligence,
magical penetrability) and ten secondary parameters. The hero can choose one of four
specialized weapon techniques (shield-sword, two-handed combat, range weapons) or
develop multi-classes. There are 4 schools of magic to master. The gained knowledge
can be revealed in 10 multi-classes. As a result we have 36 possibilities to combine
magical and fighting powers!!! The player can also develop 8 skills that, allow to
increase weapon and magic strength. All the items and weapons are correctly
displayed on the character models. The armor protects exactly the part of the body,
which is covered by it. The amount of damage that the hero receives depends not only
on the thickness of the armor, but on its form too.

The game's story is non-linear: 100-150 multi-variant quests included. By completing
various tasks and slaying enemies, the player increases the level of the character
and gains new skills. The gameplay is aimed at players who like to play RPG-games
and enjoy dynamic action. Two LAN game-modes are supported (cooperative and
deathmatch arena fighting).

Technical requirements:

1 GHz processor or higher


3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required 128-256 MB (GeForce5600-6600 or higher).

Main features:

a.. A unique blend of RPG and Action.
b.. Level-unbroken world.
c.. Unique RPG system.
d.. Dynamic change of day and night and weather effects.
e.. Realistic combat.
f.. Decapitation and dismemberment of enemies.
g.. Authentic physics, inversion kinematics.
h.. Original character creation system.
i.. LAN-supported multiplayer.
j.. Team AI.

Release date: 12/31/2006
Homepage: http://www.udc-game.com/
Developer: Ukrainian Development Company
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