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D&D Online: Alpha Journal 5 - Sorcerer Builds @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Friday - October 28, 2005 - 17:59 -
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The latest alpha journal entry at the official D&D Online site is a high-level description of a sorcerer build that focuses on necromancy skills.
With so many choices of characters out there, I decided I wanted to play something a little bit different from the crowd Ė a sorcerer who concentrates on the undead. As a nod to one of my real-life D&D characters, Iím playing a halfling sorcerer who focuses almost exclusively on necromancy spells. This is giving me a solid opportunity to see just how well that school really works in the heat of DDO combat and gives me a chance to use a specific combination of spells other than things such as Mage Armor and Burning Hands.

Sorcerers have the advantage of having lots and lots of spell points and being able to use any of their known spells at will. The downside is youíre limited in spell selection, and you earn higher level spells more slowly. That means that for the first few levels youíre going to have only two or three first level spells to use. So since you can cast those spells many, many times a mission, you need to make the best use of them you can.
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