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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
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Grimoire Game Info
Description: Cleve Blakemore (ex-Wizardry) latest project. A Wizardry like hard core RPG, dated grafx and long overdue...

Rendelius: Their site states that beta testing starts in March 2001 - and the last update was January 2001. It really smells like vaporware...

Update 2001-7-11: A new (very basic) Grimoire homepage has popped up (link above corrected) saying that the beta will begin soon *g* and the game will be out before then end of 2001...

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Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.grimoiresystems.com/
Developer: Golden Era Games
Screenshots: Grimoire Gallery
- An Exclusive Preview of Grimoire (09.09.04)

- Grimoire: What's Happening? An Exclusive Report (07.26.04)

- Grimoire Gallery (06.25.02)
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Beta Reports:
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Forum Tidbits:
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Site Updates:
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