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D&D Online: Interview with Engineering Director @ OGaming

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Tuesday - December 27, 2005 - 19:14 -
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OGaming has an interview with the Engineering Director of Dungeons & Dragons Online, Justin Quimby.
OGaming: Besides that technology, what makes you convinced that you've got what it takes to bring the most important role-playing franchise ever into the MMO realm?

Justin Quimby: Good question. One of the biggest strengths we have is that we're working very closely with Wizards of the Coast to develop the game. We talk to them all the time. We want to be as true to the pen and paper experience as we can. We're always getting their feedback.

The game really reflects the roots of Dungeons & Dragons the tabletop game. When we showed the game to series co-creator Dave Arnesen at GenCon, he said, "Yeah – this is D&D!" That's exciting, when one of the guys who originally made the game tells you that. We just have such passion for the franchise… I've still got my old blue and red boxed sets sitting by my desk. (My parents were smart enough not to let me have crayons or anything, so they remain in good condition…)
Source: OGaming
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