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Gorasul - The Legacy of the Dragon Game Info
Description: "Gorasul - The Legacy of the Dragon" is a role playing game with epic dimensions.The tale-in short- pictures the life of Roszondas. Roszondas was raised by a magical dragon. As he grew up, he obtained the magic and characteristics of his adoptive father. The world of the adolescent Roszondas is about to collapse as it is at war with a demon of another level of dimension.During the time of war, Roszondas turns into the greatest hero of the world. His dragon magic power helps him to survive as one of the few defenders of the good. Besides himself, there are also a few other magicians who remain and try as hard as possible to to save their bastions, despite the enemies attempts to destroy them. They also offer shelter to the remaining inhabitants of the destructed world.The story of the game begins with Roszondas reincarnation, as he had died in his attempts defending good from the evil. His life in this world-that now consists of mayhem and chaos-will now become that of the you, the player.....

Rendelius: I had the pleasure to play a german demo of this game and I must say that it is a VERY nice game. Although it hasn't received too much publicity yet, I am sure it will find its way into every good CRPG collection. Reminiscent of Baldur's Gate, but has nice twists (you own a talking, intelligent weapon - can even raise its stats when it is levelling)

Average Reader Ratings: 3.24 (17 votes)
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Release date: Available since 09/14/2001
Homepage: http://www.gorasul.com
Publisher: JoWood Productions
Developer: Silver Style Entertainment
Screenshots: Gorasul - The Legacy of the Dragon Gallery
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Site Updates:
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