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Legends of Allods Game Info
Description: Legends of Allods features a classical «Rage of Mages» universe, combining RPG and strategy elements.
Based on the Dungeon Siege Engine, Legends of Allods will feature;
- Up to 10 characters under player control;
- Fascinating nonlinear plot in the «Rage of Mages» world;
- Full 3D graphics, corresponding to up-to-the-minute request plus supporting a lot of effects (changing of day and night, dynamical color lightning, rain, fog and so on);
- Comfortable role-play system - hero improves that skills, which he mostly use;
- Well known by «Rage of Mages» inhabitants of game world - trolls, squirrels, ogres, turtles in the new 3D guise;
- Entire game world with unlimited possibilities to connect new locations in the network game.
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Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.legendsofallods.bip.ru/
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