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D&D Online: PAX Coverage @ DDO Stratics

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Tuesday - August 30, 2005 - 10:01 -
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DDO Stratics has posted a ton of material about D&D Online from the recent PAX event, including a diary, preview, gameplay movies and screens. Here's a snip from the preview:
First up came the Pre-made Character Choice Page of 8 characters meant specifically for showing off the game, i.e. they were all 10th Level and fully equipped with armor, weapons, spells, and potions. They made it clear that while normally you would need to create your own characters from scratch, this simply allowed players to jump into the game and start playing immediately. Our only two tasks at this point were to name our characters and then choose an alignment (this second option not seeming to have any impact at all on the game). Interestingly enough, the name filter allowed me to write out my entire character's name as "Morghan d'Lyonhart" (punctuation, spacing, and all), but I was advised that this was strictly part of the demo and may not be the way it is finally done when DDO comes out. I did notice that another player had tried using "Dopey", "Sleepy", and "Grumpy", but kept receiving a message of "This Name Has Already Been Taken" until he finally chose "Crotchity".
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