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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach has been rated 1 times so far, average score: 7/10 points


Neuralburn has rated 7/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Neuralburn)

It's an okay game: the main problem is that you cannot 'explore' anything - it is very linear. You're confined purely to areas your quests allow you to search. There is a bonus that you don't have to enter combat for most situations - however the very second quest you are forced to solo and it pits you toe to toe against a fairly strong first level opponent: utility style players (like my rogue who focuses on his dex for bows and disarming chests) who expect to not have to use brute strength to advance are stopped outright. Got past it with a ranger *mutter* who hits thrice as fast and gets +8's with the precision feat...a 15 dex character hitting faster and more often than a 19 dex one is absurd. Other than that, the game looks _okay_ but i may not play it after the free month.
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