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D&D Online: Cleric Class Guide @ GamerGod

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Monday - February 06, 2006 - 19:32 -
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GamerGod has a new Dungeons and Dragons Online Cleric class guide.
Introduction: The cleric class is widely considered the most powerful class in D&D. That notion is also quite prevalent in DDO, maybe even more so due to the fact that at release, clerics will be the only primary healer class in the game. While it can be debated as to whether or not druids can be primary healers in D&D, there is no question that the absence of druids in DDO makes clerics very sought after for groups. There is much more to the cleric class than just filling a ‘healbot’ role however. The guide that follows will help you to create your cleric as well as inform you about the wide variety of abilities the cleric class has at their disposal.
Creating Your Cleric

Race: While any race can make at least a passable cleric, there are two you may want to avoid, warforged and dwarves. The only bad thing about a dwarven cleric is that dwarves suffer a -2 to charisma at creation. The place you will notice this shortcoming (no pun intended, honest) is when you attempt to turn undead as charisma is the modifier for that feat.

Warforged suffer the same -2 to charisma plus they suffer -2 to wisdom. Those are arguably the two most significant attributes for clerics. To top it off, healing spells cast on warforged are only 50% of normal effectiveness. In other words, while you’ll be able to heal the humanoid races just fine; your heals that you cast on yourself will only be half as effective. I would not recommend warforged as a race for clerics unless you are really into challenging yourself.
Source: GamerGod
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