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D&D Online: Beta Journal #5 @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Wednesday - December 07, 2005 - 20:24 -
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A new Beta Journal is available at the official Dungeons and Dragons site. Here's a snippet:
I first heard about Dungeons and Dragons Online from a fellow gamer and good friend of mine. Being a hardcore pen-and-paper (PnP) player for years, I was excited to hear that someone was making an MMO based on the D20 rules. I signed up for the discussion board and got really excited about the game and the direction the designers were taking. They were playing the PnP game as part of their research and had said that they wanted an MMO that accurately represented not only the rules, but the spirit of the PnP game.

I was afraid of potential being wasted on what appeared to be a mix of some games that happened to capture a chunk of the market because of their Pavlovian reward system designs. Did I want action combat? PnP D&D is a tactical and strategic experience second to none. The complexities of character balance in parties, the subtleties of feat selection, the potential of any spell -- all of this could go to waste and not live up to the name Dungeons and Dragons Online. Outrageous!

Just about the time I'd had enough of all of this, I got a Beta invite. I decided that since they'd gone to the trouble to invite me (in spite of my criticism on the public boards) to try the game out for free, the least I could do was try it, and then write up some honest criticism. If it sucked, I would tell them. If it was good, I'd be pleasantly surprised and tell them.
Source: D&D Online
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