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Eternal Lands Game Info
Description: Eternal Lands is a free MMORPG (massive multiplay online role playing game).
There are 9 skills, total character development freedom, many quests, religion, a lot of NPCs, animals and monsters. If you are a PKer, you can fight other PKers in special maps. If you are not a PKer, then you can stay on the non PK maps, where you don't have to worry about being attacked by other players.
You can summon various animals, that will follow you, and fight for you, or you can spend your time in the mines, mining various minerals.
Or, you can forget about mining, and just fight, getting money from monster drops.
You can also do various quests for the gods, which will give you more experience in various skills, depending on the god you serve, and on how many quests you completed for that god.
Another thing you can do is train your manufacturing skill, and make various weapons, armors and clothes, that you can sell to other players, or NPCs.
Since Eternal Lands has no fixed classes or professions, you can always do new things, develop new skills, without having to create a new character.
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Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.eternal-lands.com/
Publisher: N/A
Developer: Eternal Lands Team
Screenshots: Eternal Lands Gallery
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