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D&D Online: Dev Chat @ DDO Warcry Tonight

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Friday - July 15, 2005 - 01:35 -
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Actually might have just started two minutes ago or so (oopsie :) ). Anyway, the official 'Dungeons & Dragons Online' website has all the details right here.
Join the Dungeons & Dragons® Online: Stormreach Dev Team this Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 8:30 PM Eastern for a live IRC Dev Chat with DDO Warcry. Questions will be taken from the community, so be ready to ask all the things you’ve ever wanted to know.

DDO Guests include Designers Ken Troop and David Eckelberry, Engineer Justin Quimby and Wizards of the Coast's Ed Stark.

Where: irc.warcry.com::6667
Channel: #ddo
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