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D&D Online: Things D&D Veterans Should Know As They Play @ GamerGod

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Thursday - January 26, 2006 - 07:29 -
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GamerGod has a different take on D&DO as they look at the differences PnP vets should bear in mind:
Dungeons & Dragons: Online (DDO) attempts to bring D&D into the expanding realm of MMORPGs. In doing so, the developers at Turbine are trying to blend fast-paced computer game combat and an MMORPG game world with thousands of players with a rule system that tabletop gamers have enjoyed for over 30 years. For the most part, the translations are exact or very close, but as with just about any transition of tabletop game to computer game, numerous aspects have changed.
Read it here.
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