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Gods: Lands of Infinity Interview
Sia 'Garrett' Manzari, 2003-07-02

RPGDot: Hello! Please introduce yourself and Cypron Studios.

Stefan Pavelka: Cypron studios is a young and ambitious company of game developers for PC and consoles. It was founded three years ago and it is sited in Slovakia - Central Europe. So far we have published two real-time strategies for PC - State of War and its sequel State of War: Warmonger. Beside GODS:Lands Of Infinity we are working on real time strategy for Gameboy Advance called: Command & Destroy Advance.

RPGDot: For how long have you been working on Gods already?

Stefan Pavelka: It is roughly two years since the original idea came up. That includes 12 month spent in making of our own 3D engine. Currently, we are working on game and its content.

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RPGDot: Can you tell us about the background story of Gods in a few words (or in other words: Why is the game called Gods - Lands of Infinity)?

Stefan Pavelka: We've called the game "GODS" because gods play major role in game storyline. We don't want to give away much detail at this point but it's going to be full of surprises, twists all developed around our heroine.

She is a girl raised in a monastery of Western winds. As years passed by she became beautiful young lady ready to go into the world to explore it as well as to find out who she is. And as luck would have it, she is drown right into the boiling cauldron of major world shaping events that were hanging in the air for several hundred years her decisions determine fate of the world….

RPGDot: Is the focus of Gods more on story or more on action/combat?

Stefan Pavelka: It is up to player himself to choose his style of play, which is also a center idea of the game. We want to offer many opportunities and styles of play. Player can get rich by trading in commercial commodities in safe areas with minimum chances of conflict or if you want to get rich really fast you may try illegal trade with greater risk. Moreover if you prefer "hack and slash" play you can do so while visiting many unknown lands. If you are not interested in trade nor in swashbuckling you can always come back to storyline and compete its plentiful quests.

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RPGDot: The description you give on your homepage reminds some people of Morowind, which in my opinion is a quite lifeless game. If you are going for a Morrowind type of game, how will you make sure, that the world has some atmosphere? If not, to what title can Gods be compared?

Stefan Pavelka: Our game is different than Morrowind. To what current game it can be compared? It is really hard question. Our aim is to offer something new. Generally, we put emphases on trading. In any case we don't want to create clones of existing games.

RPGDot: Which different areas are there in Gods? The Elven Temple from the Tech Demo already looks very impressive! How large is the gaming world? And what are the transportations (ships, horses, teleports)?

Stefan Pavelka: Each land has it own graphical features. Game word as such is huge including not just elven lands presented in non playable demo but also human, dark elves, dwarves, hostile barbarian wastelands and others. Traveling options include walking, horse riding, teleports and ships. Ships can be hired or even bought.

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RPGDot: As for gameplay and interface: Is there an automap, a journal and a quest book? Are there multiple choice dialogues?

Stefan Pavelka: Game interface is not finished yet. On largo global map all visited places will be highlighted. Auto journal is of course there to keep track of the many quests and their current status.

RPGDot: What different spells are there? How does the spell system work? Based on reagents, only mana or totally different?

Stefan Pavelka: All spells are divided into five groups: Offensive spells, defensive spells, supportive spells, familiars and special spells that are limited in number of use per day. Moreover, there will be rune magic. Rune stones are spread all over the world and can be used by any class except for those really strong ones that require certain skills to trigger properly. Spell will grow stronger with each casting and there will be different effects for every spell level.

RPGDot: And how does combat take place? What weapons are there and will you also offer ranged combat?

Stefan Pavelka: Combat in our game is turn based. Attack can be lead by slashing, piercing, ranged weapon or a spell. We have wide range of weapons available for buying, ready to be won in combat or made to specific requirements on order.

RPGDot: What races, classes are there in Gods? The classic humans, goblins, orcs etc or others as well? Which classes and races can you play actually?

Stefan Pavelka: As for races we have almost every race available in classic fantasy settings. Our protagonist is human male however other races can join the party as NPC.

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RPGDot: Is there a character creation process? Can you describe the RPG system also? What skills and stats are there?

Stefan Pavelka: Anyway, there is no character generation in our game, as we didn't want to put heavy burden on player from the very beginning. I can tell from my own experience that it wasn't much fun spending whole day just fiddling with multiple race/class choices and then being anxious if my character is well shaped for challenges ahead. Instead we have gone a way of "clean sheet filled as you go" that is you shape you character skills during the game and incline to mage, thief, fighter or alchemist or fitting combination of all according your needs.

RPGDot: Can we travel with a party or recruit NPCs?

Stefan Pavelka: Sure. Your party can include up to six members. Over the whole map there are various NPC ready to join you. The choice is yours.

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RPGDot: Speaking of NPCs, do they act according to your actions or how you talk to them, like allying with your enemies or helping you against others?

Stefan Pavelka: During combat NPCs are under your control but there are situations where they make their own decisions. We don't want to spoil your surprise! :)

RPGDot: How does level up work? Do you get XPs for killing monsters and/or solving riddles, quests? And if so, how can you use the XPs?

Stefan Pavelka: Yes. Experience can be gained in combat or by completing quests. Then it can be used to improve characters basic stats or put into various skills. Details of this are still in preparation and must be properly balanced.

RPGDot: Are you close to sign a publishing deal already?

Stefan Pavelka: Currently, we are working on a playable demo for potential publishers. There are several companies already interested but they want to see playable demo first. As soon as we have a deal we will let you know on our website.

RPGDot: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Stefan Pavelka: Sleep well and relax, gather your strength while you can. Once GODS turn up you will have many gallons of midnight oil to burn.

RPGDot: Thank you for your time and answers.

Stefan Pavelka: It was our pleasure.

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