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Ultima 1 - A Legend Is Reborn Gallery

by Garrett, 2002-06-18

Peroxide is about develop one of the most promising Ultima remakes around. Complete in full 3D, with a self-developed graphics engine and a demo released just two days ago.

Here we have 4 brandnew screenshots and a development update from Lead Pogrammer Kasper Fauerby. Click here, to learn more about the title.

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With the recent release of our Tech Demo 2.5, we've reached yet another milestone in the development of the game engine that we'll use for our upcoming game, Ultima I - A Legend is Reborn. Up until this release, development has been focused mainly on implementing graphical and scripting language features in the game engine as well as optimizing it for the highest possible performance. With Tech 2.5 behind us we'll turn the focus on the gameplay code and spend the next few months developing the inventory system, spell system, AI, and of course combat. Eventually, we'll release a third and final tech demo which will showcase a fully playable game engine - more or less the final game engine we'll use for Ultima. Alongside the development of this third demo our map builders will start working on the four continents known from the original Ultima I. At this time we cannot say anything about when this third tech demo will be released but in the meantime we invite those who haven't already done so to download our new release and give it a test-drive. The newest version of this release will always be available from our website at http://www.peroxide.dk/ultima.

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