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Spells of Gold Game Info
Description: Spells of Gold combines role-playing with elements of trade simulation games:
Gold rules the world... The action of the game is laid in the world of fantasy, inhabited by humans, elves, dwarves, undead ones and other creatures. The universe of the game is large indeed. It consists of a number of separate worlds. Each one has several states, which represent isolated economic and political systems. The Hero is able to transit from one world to another through special space Gates, called Portals. His main activity is trade, that is buying goods in one town and selling or exchanging them in another. For this purpose the Hero has got a special item - a Magic Sack of Monroke. Thanks to it, he can easily carry a vast amount of goods...

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Release date: Available since Q1 2003
Homepage: http://www.buka.com/games/spells/
Publisher: Buka Entertainment
Developer: Jonquil Software
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