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Voodoo Islands Game Info
Description: Experience the adventures of a poor but ambitious pirate finding a world of danger, secrets and unimaginable wealths. Explore foreign seas and unknown islands full of monsters, traps and dangerous secrets. While becoming the most appreciated pirate of the carribean sea, hunt traderships, lurk for spanish warships to rob their treasures. Aquire treasure maps, dig for caskets full of gold, arm your own ship and build up your homebased island into a non-capturable fortress.

Find out which dark secret surround the legend of Voodoo Islands!

-Thrilling story with lots of sub-plots and sidequests
-Actionloaded fights in the water and on the landscape
-Many possibilities to upgrade ships, buildings and characters
-The most beautiful water in present realtime-running games
Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.voodooislands.com/main.htm
Publisher: Spirit
Developer: Spirit
Screenshots: Voodoo Islands Gallery
On the Net:
- Voodoo Islands Preview (05.05.03)

- Voodoo Islands: Site Update - Screens & Wallpaper (10.23.03)
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