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Voyager Game Info
Description: From the website:

Explore the world of Voyager! The ultimate 15-20 minute adventure/RPG game.

Discover a detailed, randomly generated fantasy world: meet strange races and complete daring quests, find mystical treasures (over 500,000 different treasures to find!), collect gold, discover ancient landmarks like tombs, castles and many others and have exciting adventures and encounters, play many different side "Wizard's Games", and fight battles with your Spellbook creature cards.

A unique card-based battle system with tons of surprises and special abilities to consider, with over 200 different cards in the initial release of the game. It's simple and quick, yet there's a lot of room for strategy and risk-taking for optimum card usage. Highly detailed, custom designed graphics and original full stereo music are some of the best we've ever offered in a game.

And best of all: no two games are EVER the same and you can finish an entire detailed adventure in 15-20 minutes!
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Release date: Available since 06/29/2004
Homepage: http://www.stormcloudcreations.com/voyager.htm
Developer: Stormcloud Creations
Screenshots: Voyager Gallery
On the Net:
- Voyager: Arcane Minions Released (01.10.05)
- Voyager 1.0 Released (07.21.04)
- Voyager Released (06.30.04)
- Voyager Announced (05.20.04)

Site Updates:
- Voyager: Screens and Preorder Announcement (06.15.04)
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