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D&D Online: Interview @ PC.IGN

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Thursday - May 12, 2005 - 10:03 -
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PC.IGN speaks to Turbine's Ken Troop about D&D Online in this interview. Here's a snip about the new Eberron setting:
IGNPC: You've opted to place the game in the new Eberron setting. Tell us a little about what makes Eberron unique and why it makes a good backdrop for D&D Online. Will the game include things like Warforged, Dragonmarked characters, or dinosaur-riding halflings?

Ken Troop: Eberron is a fantastic setting for two reasons. One, it's just an incredibly cool and evocative fresh setting, unlike anything that's come before it. Picture a world that combines the best pulp elements of Indiana Jones along with the noir elements of the Maltese Falcon along with the quintessential high-fantasy/high-magic elements that you expect from classic D&D fantasy - it all adds up to a world that feels right to the D&D and RPG player while still being unique and exciting because it's so different.

The other great thing about Eberron is that it is new...and that means that D&D Online gets to play a role in how Eberron develops and what goes on there. There are monsters and stories that we've created for D&D Online that we've pitched to WOTC, and they liked it so much they've included it in future releases for the Eberron book supplements.

When we were thinking about Eberron races to include for D&D Online, the automatic choice was the Warforged -- the opportunity to play a sentient golem bred for war in a fantasy RPG - too cool.
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