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Dominus Online Game Info
Description: The year in Dominus is 2769. The races of Dominus have no prophets, no gods. They only have Dominus and the Arcane Power that flows through it. This is the world where new leaders will come to power, new kings will be crowned, new legends will be forged, new cities will rise and fall, guilds will come to power, and some will fall from grace...

Dominus Online is Player vs Player and Guild vs Guild MMORPG. Its central focus is on player conflict, land ownership, outpost control, economy building, character development. It differs from all other RPG's in several very distinctive ways. E.g. by offering a unique discipline and skill system, which allows the players of Dominus to actually play with their friends, and make and meet and talk to new people and make new friends. The game doesn't push a player into a realm, or faction forever trapped, unless they want to create a new character.
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Release date: Cancelled
Homepage: http://www.dominusonline.com/
Developer: Regulator Studios
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