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Old Screenshots
Name: tasks.jpg
Date: Aug 17, 2001
Size: 133 Kbytes
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Name: take_that!!.jpg
Date: Aug 17, 2001
Size: 113 Kbytes
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Name: spirits-lightning.jpg
Date: Aug 09, 2001
Size: 224 Kbytes
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Name: spell05.jpg
Date: Nov 01, 2001
Size: 133 Kbytes
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Elemental Showers are not something you get down at your local gym, instead it is the power of the elements combined raining down on your foes incinerating them to a pulp.
Name: spell04.jpg
Date: Nov 01, 2001
Size: 74 Kbytes
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Shows an elemental bolt in action. Although this screenshot does not do it justice, you will be in for a treat when you see in action. It is a homing ball of pure elemental energy that chases your enemy
Name: spell03.jpg
Date: Nov 01, 2001
Size: 158 Kbytes
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Gives you an idea of how deadly cold spells really are. First it immobilizes your target and renders him in a paralyzed state, now it is up to you how to perform the coup de grace
Name: spell02.jpg
Date: Nov 01, 2001
Size: 153 Kbytes
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Lightning bolts are cool, especially at night (yes there will be day and night cycles in the World of Divinity), not only does it pack quite a punch to your enemies but it will also temporarily stun them giving you a chance to run for the hills from larger stronger enemies.
Name: spell01.jpg
Date: Nov 01, 2001
Size: 154 Kbytes
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The all common fireball, it really needs no introduction.
Name: screenshot51.jpg
Date: Sep 09, 2001
Size: 163 Kbytes
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